City installs new light at dangerous intersection

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 3, 2007

People driving on Fourth Street in Ironton will find a new traffic signal by the end of this week.

The city is putting up a traffic light at the intersection of South Fourth and Adams streets, just after the Ironton Fire Department station.

The reason is because of high number of accidents.

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“It’s a dangerous intersection,” said Mike Pemberton, the city’s street, sanitation and flood superintendent. “There have been more accidents recorded there than probably anywhere else in the city.”

He said there is a high volume of traffic going through that intersection with travelers who have just crossed the Ironton-Russell Bridge and people headed down Fourth Street towards downtown or the highway.

“It’s a lot of traffic to contend with,” Pemberton said.

Ironton Police Chief Jim Carey said that it is one of the most traveled spots in the city.

“So I think it’s a good spot to put in lights,” he said.

He added that the high number of accidents comes from people trying to beat cars by crossing the intersection.

“Usually because of the speed people having coming down Fourth Street, the accidents are pretty substantial,” Carey said. He didn’t have exact figures for the number of the accidents at that spot, but said there are at least a couple a month.

Workers will be installing both traffic lights and stop signs this week.

“We just want people to be aware of the new signals,” Pemberton said.

This is the most recent installation of traffic signals. Last month, the city installed signs on North Second and Delaware streets because of the construction of the new Ironton schools. There were also stop signs installed at two intersection of South Fourth Street.

Pemberton said which intersections get traffic signals is based on number of accidents at a particular site and sometimes by citizens approaching city council about traffic flow.