Fairland wins OVC CC tri-meet

Published 12:00 am Sunday, October 14, 2007

PROCTORVILLE — How low can you go? Almost as low as possible.

The Fairland Dragons had just four points more than the minimum team score as they won the Ohio Valley Conference cross country tri-match Tuesday.

Fairland had just 19 points to finish well ahead of the River Valley Raiders with 50 points and the Coal Grove

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Hornets with 66 points.

Eddie Adkins of Fairland posted the best time as he ran the course in 18:06. Teammate Joe Stewart was runner-up at 18:21.

The Dragons Logan Froelich was third with an 18:55 time, Chad Lambiotte was fifth with a 19:05 clocking, and Steve Tweel placed eighth at 19:30 to round out the top five runners.

Coal Grove’s top runner was Ronald Harrison whose 19:15 time was good for sixth place.

The Dragons J.C. Emery was ninth at 19:37 to earn honorable mention honors. Also making honorable mention was Coal Grove’s Chris Dirling with a 19:43 time to finish 10th.

The top eight runners were first team All-OVC. Harrison and Tweel were the only honorable mention honorees.

On the girls’ side, Fairland beat Coal Grove 25 to 34. River Valley junior Ashley Fitch ran a 21:58 and won the overall low time for the third straight year.

Lynzee Kazee had Coal Grove’s low score at 22:55 and finished second overall. Rock Hill’s Ashton Brammer was third with a 22:59 clocking.

Kira Dillon of Fairland at 23:20, Sarah Stevens of Coal Grove at 23:28, and Fairland’s Kanissa Carrico (23:58) was sixth.

The top six runners are first team All-OVC selections.

Earning honorable mention were Fairland’s Beth Schlegel (24:26) and Megan Brooks (25:00).

Ohio Valley Conference

Cross Country Meet

Boys Team Scores: 1, Fairland 19; 2. Fairland 50; 3. Coal Grove 66.


Eddie Adkins, Fa, 18:06; Joe Stewart, Fa, 18:21; Logan Froelich, Fa, 18:56; Vince Weatherstein, RV, 18:58; Chad Lambiotte, Fa, 19:05; Ronald Harrison, CG, 19:15; David Householder, RV, 19:19; Steve Tweel, Fa, 19:30; J.C. Emery, Fa, 19:37; Chris Dirling, CG, 19:43;

Robby Hinshaw, Fa, 19:45; Wei Lu, Fa, 20:00; Tyler Noble, RV, 20:34; Sean Sands, RV, 20:40; Matt Conzett, Fa, 20:44; Kody Johnson, RV, 20:53; Garrett Wireman, Fa, 21:08; Jonathan Jiles, RH, 21:54; Graham Oberly, Chesapeake, 21:40; Chris Myers, Ch, 22:12; Seth Jones, CG, 22:18; Jon McCormick, South Point, 22:34; Nathan Sullivan, CG, 22:51; Codey Erwin, CG, 23:08; Jon Porter, RV, 23:09; Brendan Tweel, Fa, 23:14; Joe Yaniko, RH, 23:34; Cody Noble, CG, 25:42; John Kazee, CG, 27:21; Rhoh Hasegna, CG, 27:21.8.

All-OVC first team: Top 8 finishers.

All-OVC honorable mention: 9th and 10th finishers.

Girls Team scores: Fairland 25; 2. Coal Grove 34.


Ashley Fitch, RV, 21:58; Lynzee Kazee, CG, 22:50; Ashton Brammer, RH, 22:59; Kia Dillon, Fa, 23:20; Sarah Stevens, CG, 23:28; Kanissa Carrico, Fa, 23:58; Beth Schlegel, Fa, 24:26; Megan Brooks, Fa, 25:00;

Maria Rotter, RH, 25:52; Brianna Barnes, South Point, 25:58; Jodi Yeley, CG, 26:01; Jordan Aldridge, Fa, 26:24; Kelse Sands, RV, 26:40; Candace Shockley, Fa, 26:59; Karissa Johnson, Fa, 27:20; Hilary Humphrey, CG, 27:36; Jamie Suttles, CG, 28:01; Grace Skiles, Fa, 28:20; Paige Nelson, Chesapeake, 29:46; Chelsea McClelland, Ch, 30:42; Ariel Cole, CG, 31:49; Lauren Fulks, Fa, 31:58; Tori Leep, 32:47; Natalie Boundarant, Fa, 33:14; Sara Jordan, CG, 33:14.

All-OVC first team: Top six finishers.

All-OVC honorable mention: 7th and 8th finishers.