Desire to better Chesapeake leads to apartment project

Published 12:00 am Monday, October 29, 2007

CHESAPEAKE — What began as a desire to better their communities, has led to new housing and continued revitalization of the Chesapeake area.

“It was three years ago when Mike and I met for the first time,” Jon Barker said. “We both shared a vision to better the communities we lived in.”

That shared vision has ultimately led to the formation of Premiere Real Estate Holdings, LLC, where Barker, his wife Teffanie and Dr. Mike and Vallery Dyer have committed themselves to revitalizing communities in the area.

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The LLC was formed in June. Besides the three-unit building the company is building in Chesapeake across from Chesapeake Elementary, it has also worked on properties in Kenova, Wayne and Huntington in West Virginia.

“We are hoping to have the building completed no later than mid to late November,” Vallery Dyer said.

The structure is a three-unit building which houses

two-bedroom and one and half bath apartments. It is located directly across the street from Chesapeake Elementary School, where it is convenient to shopping, banks and Huntington, West Virginia.

Dyer said she believes apartments are a popular choice among people today because of reasons such as the cost of purchasing a home and the current housing market. Also, for many having someone else responsible for the maintenance can alleviate a lot of stress.

“I think renting is a big relief for many people,” she said.

“It’s a growing area and a great little community.”

Barker said they wanted to offer affordable living for individuals such as senior citizens and single families. He said after the completion of this structure, they plan to continue their vision of improving the Chesapeake area.

“Our whole focus is in the revitalization of our area,” Barker said. “We are all involved in the community together; we want to make it a nicer place to live.”

Barker said they are always looking for additional properties, especially in the city limits. For more information contact Barker or Dyer at (740) 867-2144.