Bookstore newest addition to OUS campus

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 31, 2007

After five decades, Ohio University Southern now has its own on-campus bookstore.

The store is in a former classroom in the Academic Center and at a ribbon cutting ceremony on Tuesday afternoon, there was enthusiasm about the new addition.

OUS Dean Dan Evans said that in student satisfaction surveys conducted over the past few years, one of the things that students overwhelmingly wanted was an on-campus bookstore.

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“We are always looking for better ways to serve our students,” he said. “So when the opportunity became available for regional campuses to think about having a single vendor for all the campuses, we were happy to work with (the book company) Follets.”

Evans said the faculty is happy with the convenience of the store.

“This way if they need batteries or a tab or an ink pen or even a DVD, it’s here,” he said.

Becky O’Dell, the store manager, said that there are three employees. The store has text books, OU clothing, magazines, drinks, along with school staples like pens, notebooks, and pencils.

Todd Wood, the director of Follet University Bookstore in Athens and the OU branch campuses, said there was a need for the store in Ironton.

“Ohio University, since there was already a bookstore near the Athens campus, was looking at keeping the same company for the branches,” he said. “I think it had been brought up before, but I think they saw the benefit of bringing a store on campus that benefits the campus.”

Tina Canter, and Suzi Bloomfield, both of whom work as travel agents at OU’s Travel World, were taking advantage of the sale to buy Christmas gifts.

“We were here for the sales,” Canter said. “I think it’s nice and it is convenient for students. They don’t have to go off-campus or go online to get books.”

“I think its great,” Bloomfield said. “This way students can get what they need without going off the campus.”

Nursing student Gloria Bryant said she really likes having a bookstore on campus.

“It’s convenient, otherwise you have to go online and then wait for your books to get here,” she said, although she was picking up some OU sweats. “Something comfy to put on before class.”

She is also a fan of the store’s buybacks at the end of semester.

“I can get money back and buy more books,” she said.

Gordon Waters, president of the Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce, said he is always happy to see new businesses in Lawrence County.

“This is great, they have done a really nice job of converting this from a classroom to a store,” he said . “I think it is a really nice addition to the campus.”

OU students also have the option of an off-campus bookstore, located across Liberty Avenue.