Officials#8217; residency ballot issue

Published 12:00 am Saturday, November 3, 2007

When Ironton voters go to the polls Tuesday, they will decide whether to change a part of the city’s charter that requires the city’s finance director, solicitor and public works director to live inside the city.

Right now the people who hold those three positions are required by law to live within city limits.

The proposed amendment would eliminate that requirement. Some people who attended a mayoral forum at The End Zone last month said the amendment as it is written, is a bit confusing.

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It reads: “Shall Section 4.06 of the Ironton City Charter, which provides that the director of public works, city solicitor and director of finance shall become residents of the city within three months of their respective appointment, be repealed?”

If a person votes “YES,” then that voter is agreeing to change, or repeal that part of the city charter that requires these people to live inside the city. The people who hold these offices now and in the future would be free to live outside the city.

If a person votes “NO” then that person is voting to leave the charter alone and the city employees affected by that section of the charter would be required to live within the city, as they are now.

Eric Bradshaw, Lawrence County Board of Elections deputy director, said he has gotten few phone calls about

the issue.

The city charter amendment is one of four local issues on the Tuesday ballot.

Ironton voters will also decide if they want to keep money flowing into city coffers to pay for a municipal recreation department levy renewal.

South Point voters will decide the fate of a levy that would pay for additional police protection.

Countywide, voters will decide the fate of a levy that would provide money for senior citizens services.