Ironton charter change passed

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Voters in Ironton chose to change part of the city’s charter Tuesday.

Currently, the city’s finance director, solicitor, and public works director are required to live within the city’s limits.

But 1,897 people voted to eliminate the requirement, allowing the positions to be filled from a larger pool.

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There were 1,574 people opposed to the change while 174 chose not to vote on the issue.

Ironton Recreation Levy

A levy renewal renewal for the Ironton Recreation Department was passed Tuesday.

The levy was a .5-percent renewal that was slated to expire at the end of the year.

The levy passed by a slim margin with 1,799 voters approving the measure, just 103 more than those who voted against it.

The levy adds fewer than five dollars a year to the average home owner’s taxes.

The recreation department is in charge of maintaining the Beechwood, Etna, Molten Field, and Edna Kopacz parks. It also assists the youth football league, the basketball league and the adult softball league as well as youth cheerleading.

South Point Police Levy

For the fourth time in recent years, the South Point police levy failed to pass Tuesday.

The levy proposed funding for an two additional full-time officers.

The levy would soundly defeated with 633 voting against it and 437 people approving.