County gets used vehicles

Published 12:00 am Thursday, November 29, 2007

One county’s surplus vehicle has turned out to be another’s good used set of wheels.

The Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office has gotten a 1992 Chevrolet van donated from the Greene County Sheriff’s Office and a 1999 Ford Crown Victoria from the Highland County Sheriff’s Office.

The van will be used to transport prisoners to and from municipal court, Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Jeff Lawless said.

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“Our old van was on its last leg and I started calling around to see if any of our neighboring counties could possibly help us,” Lawless explained.

“This was an effort to save money. This van does have the insert installed (between the prisoner area and driver’s seat). If we would have had to buy and install the kit it would have cost us between $10,000 and $12,000. So this is a substantial benefit to us.”

The cruiser will be used for special details and for prisoner transport to and from hospital and doctor visits,” Lawless said.

“We’re grateful to the other counties for letting us have these vehicles. We are trying to save the county money whenever we can,” he said.

Lawless said he is also negotiating to obtain two other used vehicles as well. Many of the county’s cruisers have high mileage, because of

Lawrence County’s size and the number of miles traveled each day to patrol roads and answer calls for assistance.