Open Door School choir makes sounds of the season

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Nine-year-old Raven Webb waited for the right moment and a sign from teacher Glenda Deering that it was her turn.

When she saw the flash of a yellow card, she rang her bell as loudly as she could, the smile on her face evidence of sublime accomplishment. Beside her, Kyle Bolen, chimed in at the right moment with his bell. One by one, the students contributed their part to “Angels We Have On High” and then to “Rudolph The Red-nosed Reindeer.”

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Each year around Christmastime, a couple dozen students at the Open Door School put down their pencils and pick up a bell. Students are transformed into entertainers, if only for the holidays.

Their performances around the area draw smiles and praise. When they perform at the Lawrence County Courthouse each year, county government nearly comes to a standstill as courthouse staff members leave their desks and duties to watch the 5-10 minute performance. If the spectators are thrilled to watch, the performers are pleased to perform. Why?

“It’s fun,” 16-year-old Samantha Bryan said after performing earlier month at the Early Childhood Center.

“I love everything about it. I love going everywhere and playing for people,” 16-year-old Jonathan Simpson said. “It’s a fun activity.”

Deering agreed the concerts are something students look forward to. This is something that not only gives them a sense of accomplishment and pride but also a way of sharing their joy during the holidays.

“They get so excited, they absolutely love it,” Deering said.