Boggs files for commissioner

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Staff Report

Add another name to the people who want to be a county commissioner. Les Boggs, who is now Lawrence County Clerk of Courts, filed the necessary paperwork recently to seek the seat now occupied by Democrat Tanner Heaberlin. Boggs is a Republican.

“The people of our county know I have done a good job as the clerk of courts,” Boggs said. “I have made 19 improvements in just three years. That is a significant accomplishment for such a short time in office. Those improvements saved the county thousands of dollars and made the office more efficient. Also new revenue sources which the office never had enjoyed previously were initiated. I will bring that same enthusiasm and work ethic to the commission.”

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If elected to commission, Boggs said his priorities will be tackling the general fund woes, finding money for a new jail and job creation.

Boggs said he believes in the past, other politicians have seen problems but not taken corrective action.

Boggs is the former owner of Accent Health Care. He sold the business in 2006. He also worked in the medical field as a registered nurse, respiratory therapist and in other capacities. He also taught respiratory care at Collins Career Center. He said while many people may not make a connection between medical care and public service, he does.

“Solving problems is a lot like the medical profession,” Boggs said. “You perform an assessment, make a plan, implement that plan and evaluate results.”

Boggs and his wife, Tara, have been married 22 years and have two daughters.

He faces opposition from fellow G.O.P. members Tyler Walters and Bob Mayo for his party’s nomination. The winner of that three-way Republican race will face Heaberlin in November.