River Valley Hospital property being put to good use

Published 12:00 am Sunday, February 3, 2008

As an Ironton resident I am saddened by the fact that the River Valley Hospital building is to be torn down.

The hospital contributed so much to the Ironton community for so long, but who wants to see such a memorable building stand and deteriorate?

The demolition contractor will be required to save the architectural stone surrounding the building’s original Ninth Street entrance. A memorial constructed of this stone and other original building materials will be built on site.

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This memorial will be dedicated to the thousands of individuals, both professional and non-professional, who dedicated their working lives to making River Valley Hospital the compassionate, high-quality facility that it was for 65 years.

In donating the River Valley property to the Ironton Port Authority, Our Lady of Bellefonte Hospital made a major contribution to the Ironton community.

Our plan to subdivide the property into single unit building lots has received enthusiastic support. With a demolition contract now awarded, the former hospital site can begin the next phase of its life and continue to serve the people of Ironton and Lawrence County.

As we continue to move forward we certainly want to remember our past but we must embrace the needs of our future. We are striving to bring together a complete package that will serve not only us but also our children and grandchildren.


Chairman, Ironton Port Authority, Board of Directors