Brunner#8217;s rejection of Wipert appointment a travesty

Published 12:00 am Thursday, February 28, 2008

The purpose of this letter is to

refute the false allegations made against longtime board of elections employee and director Mary Wipert.

Just a year ago, Mrs. Wipert was terminated from her 23-year tenure with no reason given to her or the people of Lawrence County. May it be stated that she had never been reprimanded by the local board office or any secretary of state and had stringently adhered to every election law.

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Now Mary has been denied a seat on the same board, being inaccurately labeled unfit, unsuitable, unqualified, and last, incompetent. I find it hard to believe that someone who had her position for such a length of time could ever be deemed unqualified.

Also, with such an impeccable record of service to the law and voters of Lawrence County, how could she be chastised as unfit or unsuitable?

Secretary of State Brunner based her reasoning on unnamed sources and has never investigated these matters thoroughly. Mrs. Wipert was never even given the opportunity to defend herself against these charges.

Personally, I have worked under the direction of Mary Wipert for several elections and have found her to be the exemplar of honesty and fairness to both political parties and her employees.

In her quarter of a century of service to the citizens of this county, Wipert strived fervently to follow the letter of the law and fight the wrongs of all political parties along the way.

People should be outraged that a person of Mary Wipert’s caliber and experience has been deemed unfit and incompetent. Citizens deserve the best people to represent them in public office and Mary Wipert is a proven servant to our county.


Former board of elections employee