Lawrence County should replicate Scioto County CAO program

Published 12:00 am Thursday, February 28, 2008

This January, the Scioto County Community Action Organization initiated a program for disposing of junk vehicles that residents no longer were using. Bravo Scioto County!

Bravo Scioto CAO!

The way it works is when the Scioto CAO is contacted by a resident they make arrangements to pick up the junk vehicle(s), remove any remaining fuel and the gas tank, take the vehicle to be crushed and then to a scrap metal yard. The money collected from the scrap metal company for the junk vehicle is split with the vehicle owner. The owner may get as much as $130 for what had been a rusting eyesore. The program is currently averaging about two junk vehicles per week.

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Maybe local officials could make arrangements to contract with the Scioto County CAO to pick up junk vehicles here in Lawrence County. Since Scioto CAO would have to travel a bit further for the pick up, the percentage split may need to be slightly adjusted to cover their costs.

Or perhaps the program that is so successful there could be duplicated by

the Lawrence County CAO so that the funds would be retained locally.

Another level of government has also responded to the wasteful accumulation of scrap metal in Scioto County. Porter Township has developed what may be a

solution for the junk vehicle problem in their jurisdiction.

About two years ago the township passed a junk vehicle resolution to control the unsightly, unroadworthy vehicles in their township. Once a complaint is filed by a resident regarding a junk vehicle, the township begins the process of confirming the vehicle meets the legal description of junk vehicle and then begins the removal process.

Porter township works with the Scioto County Sheriff’s Office to contact the owners of junk vehicles and then ascertain that the junk vehicle has been removed within a specified period of time. The township officials indicated that the process is not difficult and very efficient.

With such responsible township leadership

it is obvious why people are flocking to buy homes in Porter Township.

At least one southern Ohio County is taking action on the junk vehicle issue and has found a workable solution. Excellent work, Scioto County!

Congratulations Porter Township on raising the quality of living standards in your township!

Jo Huff