Clinton, McCain are best choices

Published 12:00 am Monday, March 3, 2008

When it comes to endorsing presidential candidates, it’s important to recognize that our problems cannot be solved from the White House.

A region’s hurdles are cleared when there is cooperation from local, state and federal leaders who recognize the issues and work together to solve them.

With that said, sound federal policy and a willingness to invest are critical to helping our region. Appalachian Ohio needs innovative ideas and strong leadership, and we believe the candidates who should win their parties’ nominations are Democratic Sen. Hillary Clinton and Republican Sen. John McCain.

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Clinton is the choice for this region of Ohio because of her familiarity with issues that most affect this region.

Clinton has shown a superior grasp of the health care dilemma, foreign policy and her experience level separates her from Barack Obama, the junior senator from Illinois.

It is hard to argue with the results of the domestic policy instituted by Bill Clinton and it stands to reason that Hillary Clinton would create the kind of economic climate that would mean good news for working families.

On the Republican side, GOP frontrunner John McCain has distanced himself from the field.

He is the best option on that side of the ticket because he has an ability to bring people from both parties together and has shown a willingness to cross party lines to do what he believed was right.

Despite not always having an easy time swaying the conservative base of the party, McCain’s moderate approach makes him appealing to voters who are looking for more cooperation in Washington.

Once on the verge of being eliminated from the race, the former prisoner of war gained momentum and quickly became the clear choice for the GOP.

Ohio is certain to play a big role in the Democratic nomination Tuesday, and it will also play a key role in November.

Voters should recognize their importance to this race and get to the polls. The stakes are high and this region should make its voice be heard.