Ron Paul has real solutions for America

Published 12:00 am Monday, March 3, 2008

Texas Congressman Ron Paul is the one true small government conservative running for president this year in either major party, yet I fear he will place a distant third in Ohio’s primary election, as Republicans still unconditionally support American’s unsustainable Warfare/Welfare State.

As president, Ron Paul would follow strict Constitutional guidelines, not presuming to run everyone’s lives like his opponents and their grandiose plans. Congressman Paul is the only candidate willing to withdraw our troops from hundreds of overseas bases and pursue “nonintervention” in foreign policy, engaging the world through commerce and communication, ending outdated useless alliances and expensive commitments.

This is not “isolationism” as his critics claim, but minding our own business. America could not only depart from Afghanistan and Iraq, but also cease garrisoning former enemies like Germany or Japan, and other nations that should defend themselves, such as South Korea.

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Ohioans seeking smaller government, sound money, to defend American (not its overseas empire) and halt Homeland Security threatening civil liberties, should vote for Ron Paul on March 4.

I would rather elect the best candidate than an untrustworthy (press-anointed) frontrunner.