Wilson#8217;s vote on oil companies#8217; tax helps our enemies

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, April 1, 2008

This past Feb. 27, Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the liberals in the House of Representatives, including our own Charlie Wilson, voted to tax the big five oil companies $18 billion and give that money to companies that have not yet proven their worth.

These same representatives also excluded Citgo from that tax. Citgo is owned by the dictator from Venezuela that has sworn to destroy America.

I wrote to Wilson to ask if he voted for this ridiculous legislation and he said, “This legislation would help reduce our dependence of foreign oil while investing in clean, renewable energy by expanding tax credits for renewable electricity, energy and fuel, as well as for plug-in hybrid cars, energy efficient homes, buildings and appliances. Without the prompt extension of these tax credits, renewable energy project work stoppages could cost 116,000 jobs. The tax credits would be paid for by repealing $18 billion worth of unnecessary tax breaks for big oil companies.”

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I then wrote a letter to the editor of the Times Leader.

I asked Wilson some questions including, where are the 116,000 jobs that will be lost if we do not tax the oil companies, because I don’t see them in Ohio District 6, and why would you vote for anything that aids our enemies?

Wilson responded with his own letter to the editor.

He said, “I supported H.R. 5351 for two reasons. First, this legislation will make an unprecedented investment into renewable energy sources, ultimately reducing our nation’s dependency on foreign oil. Second, this bill will eliminate $18 billion in taxpayer-funded subsidies to the top five domestic oil and gas producers.

ExxonMobil earned more than 40 billion dollars last year, the most any company has posted ever.”

Mr. Wilson, corporations do not pay taxes.

They collect taxes in the form of higher prices. Most people’s retirement plans are invested in the oil companies.

The oil companies have to pay their investors.

My research says that the oil companies are making about a 10 percent profit. It really doesn’t matter if it’s 10, or 80 percent.

The oil company will continue to make that same percentage.

When Wilson votes to raise their cost of operation, they will raise their prices, and cut some jobs to cut costs. They will make the same percentage but remember that 10, or 80 percent of a bigger number will result in bigger profits.

Rather than making less than the $40 billion that Mr. Wilson pointed out, they will make even more because we have to and will buy gas.

Mr. Wilson, that is a taxpayer funded subsidy, and you voted for it.

Is it the government’s business to decide where to invest our money?

If I want to invest in renewable energy, I’ll do it.

When these companies come up with a better solution, we’ll all buy it.

Right now, we want to invest in a tank of gas. How many of you reading this can afford to convert your car to a hybrid or your homes and appliances to some other energy source?

How many small businesses will shut down due to the higher fuel cost?

That’s lost jobs.

No, Mr. Wilson, the problem is not “Big Oil.” The problem is “Big Government.”

Our government thinks we’re stupid.

They think they can spend our money better than we can.

Mr. Wilson, why did you cast a vote that hurts us but helps our enemies?

Larry Willming

Martins Ferry