Making city shine requires more than just flowers

Published 12:00 am Thursday, April 3, 2008

I am writing in regards to the article about Benny Call.

I could understand it if his stuff was junk. But it’s not. There are people here in this town who can’t afford to buy new things.

Just because he puts some of his things out, he never blocked the sidewalk.

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When I was a teenager, you could go all day and shop. If you think the flowers are going to improve the looks of Ironton you are wrong.

We need jobs and the garbage picked up. That would help some.

Our town looks like a ghost town with all the buildings standing empty. Instead of running these people out of town, get some jobs.

I can tell you how to make some money. The police need to cruise around (downtown). There’s always people parked in the fire lane and people littering. You could fine them and maybe they’ll think twice before they do it again.