Redwomen faced with rebuilding

Published 12:00 am Saturday, April 12, 2008

PEDRO — After The Beatles broke up, John Lennon had a hit song entitled, “Starting Over.”

Rock Hill Redwomen coach Mary Harper is signing that tune this season and she hopes her softball team will be a hit.

The Redwomen were 20-1 last season as they won their first-ever Ohio Valley Conference championship. But most of the team is gone including Bobbi Harper who is now starting at shortstop for West Virginia State.

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“It’s like starting over. We have one junior and one sophomore back and a few seniors. Half of our roster is freshmen. You have to explain something on about every play,” said coach Harper.

Junior Jazel DeAutremont takes over the pitching handled last year by Bobbi Harper. Courtney Duncan will also do some pitching.

Megan Long is at first base or in the outfield depending on who is pitching. DeAutremont also plays some first base when she isn’t pitching.

“Megan Long moved from the outfield so that’s a little different for her,” said coach Harper.

Second base will be Brooke Long, a four-year starter. Brooke Skinner and Duncan will handle the shortstop position.

“Skinner’s shoulder has been hurting, so sometimes we have to use both of them,” said Harper.

Kayla Kelley moves from the outfield to third base and coach Harper said, “she’s doing well.”

The outfield will change each game. Duncan will play left, Haylia Gannon in center, and Kristen Phillips in right.

Samantha Massie also plays some outfield along with Megan Long.

“We have a lot young girls playing out there,” said Harper.

Megan Russell, another freshman, takes over at catcher where Shelli Harper played the last three years.