Hopper#8217;s departure could result in teachers leaving

Published 12:00 am Friday, April 18, 2008

I went to the community meeting Monday regarding Mr. Hopper and the school board.

I was shocked at the opinions of the school board that were brought out. I was also shocked at the condition of the elementary school that has the third floor closed off because it’s in such bad shape and the condition of the high school when Mr. Hopper took the job as principal.

My question to all taxpaying Green Township residents is: Where is your money going?

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It’s the taxpayers’ money and if you care about your school system you should be at the school board meeting Monday. If they cannot renew Mr. Hopper’s contract after giving him such a good evaluation, then which of your 30-year teachers do you want to see go next?

If they don’t have to give a reason for letting Mr. Hopper go then they don’t have to give a reason for letting good teachers who have given their lives to teaching your kids go.

I think the reason they are letting Mr. Hopper go is he is straight up in all areas and that could be a problem for your school board.

Pat Lancaster