Voters should not be swayed by media, Democrats

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, April 22, 2008

In light of recent troubling events surrounding our upcoming presidential election, I thought I would point out another deception perpetrated against American voters by the self-proclaimed, so-called political pundits employed by busybody television and nosy rosy radio.

These are people well placed and positioned at the bully pulpits of print, radio and television information and propaganda. These often popular representatives in my opinion putting it civilly and politely, would more appropriately be identified as bias political spin doctors or liars.

In this case these operatives are acting on behalf of the Democrats and the national media to confuse and distract voter attention away from the real and most troubling issues clearly established by specific Barack Obama statements.

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Comments scantly and gingerly identified by the media and Democrats with undeniable admiration as, elitist. I want to call Barack Obama a liar because it is all too obvious that it is the truth that is causing him problems.

Hillary Clinton on the other hand seems incapable of telling the truth and acts as though the truth is the one luxury that she somehow can’t afford.

I hope voters don’t take the political head fake presented by the media and preferred by Democrats and recognize Obama’s remarks actually represent his anti-gun and anti-Christian and contemptuous political convictions. Specifically, and particularly, his recent remarks proclaiming small town voters to be simple minded, bitter and clinging to there guns and religion because of economic conditions and their lot in life. His and the Democratic Party’s well-defined positions clearly favor banning and revoking private gun ownership, favor abortion, illegal immigration, discriminatory affirmative action quotas, heavier taxation and secret spending earmark projects. I hope voters also remember that his remarks are not so elite when you recognize that they are views representing political agenda’s covertly shared and promoted by Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, John D. Rockefeller IV and every other leader and promoter of the Democratic Party and most of our national media.

It was Jimmy Carter as our president and leader of the Democrat Party who said: “Americans will have to learn to accept a lower standard of living.”

Hearing him, I felt like the tree shading me walked away and took my shade with it leaving me stranded and hung out to dry. If you don’t remember hearing Carter’s announcement, I promise you hearing it was as disappointing as it was shocking and sobering.

On a lighter note, we may all do well to enjoy the serenity in assuming our picture is on God’s refrigerator and that he carries more than a picture of us in His wallet. We should also remember that he gives us flowers every spring, the strength we need for the day, comfort through our tears and light so we may find our way through life.

Remember we don’t want to go through life so fast he has to remind us to slow down by focusing our attention on ourselves.

Garland Monceaux