Presidential contenders have not made God a priority

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 30, 2008

This country was founded on Godly principles with a written Constitution documenting wholesome guidelines for generations to come.

My guess, and history reflects it, is that the first 100 years or so that our forefathers did their best in maintaining the true intent and integrity of this well-intentioned document.

Yet years and years seem to have erased its authentic intentions just as the stone tablets left with Moses more than 2,000 years past. Out of sight, out of mind is the modern day way of life in the United States.

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One individual removed prayer from the very schools the Constitution supposedly is to protect. No Ten Commandments or Godly artifacts to be displayed in our government properties.

Countless unborn souls taken daily with political blessings from any party as they voted in favor of these un-Godly bills. We find our country now in a staggering, costly war and a very possible depression.

We also find three so-called political leaders vying for the highest political office in the world. I watched with interest for several months to find a glimpse of hope from any candidate who would provide this country a true leader.

To me and millions of other Americans, that individual does not exist in the final opponents.

We are left with an experienced lady senator — an inexperienced African-American senator — and an old war horse senior citizen senator.

All three have lived political lives where they could have loudly stood up for God first and their country, yet none stood that test to my knowledge nor have we heard any proclaim the restriction of prayer in school to be unconstitutional.

Now we find each bickering over such trivial matters as a flag on a lapel, affiliations from former friends and monies received from questionable lobbyists.

All three have tremendous incomes and lifelong health benefits.

As a national somehow, some way, we must pray that God leads our nation as it was intended and someone represents God first.