Area graduates deserve praise

Published 12:00 am Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hundreds of Lawrence County area youth, have recently, or will soon, see the curtain fall on one part of their lives, but unlike Hollywood films, the sequel should be better than the original.

Students at Rock Hill, South Point, Chesapeake, Symmes Valley, Fairland, the Open Door School and Green all took that short walk across the stage last weekend, but one that symbolizes a giant step forward in their lives.

Ironton and St. Joseph students will soon join their peers in this new era.

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Each of these students should be congratulated on their success, commitment and hard work that have gotten them to this point.

High school and the teenage years pose many different types of challenges than they did even just a few years. We should all celebrate a job well done that extends to the dedication shown by teachers, administrators, parents and other loved ones.

It certainly is clich/ to say that the youth are our future, but it couldn’t be truer.

And from the looks of the young men and women we are ushering into this next stage, the future looks very bright indeed.

Now is time to for support systems and family members to continue to offer guidance and support for these young adults who will begin to find their way and their place in the world.

Graduates must realize that they are fully adults now. They should act like ones and they will treated that way.

Families must understand that these next years can be just as challenging and difficult as the teenage years.

The road isn’t often easy and rest assured there will be speed bumps, curves, roadblocks and many detours along the way. But, all that is what makes the journey — and the ultimate destination — that much sweeter.