News of Record 05/19/08

Published 12:00 am Thursday, May 29, 2008

Property transfers


Jack Day to Leslie Day, Union Township, $3,000.

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Barbara Conley to Timothy Black,

Rome Township, $14,000.


Dora Thomas, deceased, to james and Wateka LaPrad,

Rome Township,



Christopher Webb to Paula Sexton, Perry Township, $26,250.


Melissa Taylor to Melissa and David Viglianco, Fayette Township,



David Brunk and Pamela Brunk to James Galloway, Windsor Township,




Patton to Craig McMillen, Decatur Township, $70,000.


Bernice Louise Eicher, deceased, to Scott and Melissa Landers, city of

Ironton, $75,000.


Bill Allen Properties to Matthew and Ashley Malone,


Township, $28,000.


Scott Lewis/Nita D’Shea Watts Lewis to Advantage Bank, Rome Township,



Donald Simms to Jimmy Stewart, Fayette Township, $4,000.


Gary Phillips to John C. Rheme, Decatur Township, $7,000.


Jeremy Westbrooks to Interim Funding, Upper Township, $121,694.30.


Robin Bailey to Brittany Huff, Upper Township, $42,000.


W. Guy Spriggs to Danco Sand and Gravel,

village of Coal Grove,



Pledged Property II to Chester and Helen Stallard, city of Ironton,



Sharolyn Nelson to David and Vicki Rotter, city of Ironton, $57,000.


Timothy Mains to Daniel Mains Jr.,

city of Ironton, $4,000.


William Henderson Triplett to

Charles and Laurel Murnahan, city of

Ironton, $65,000.


Johnnie V.Kitchen to Brannigan Zornes, city of Ironton, $25,000.


Garrell Willis, by James E. Armstrong to Judy Estep, village of Coal

Grove, $18,000.


Mark Fink and Jean Fink to Thomas and Stephanie Malcolm, Rome

Township, $176,000.


James and Deloris Pennington to Arlie Manns and Arlie Dale Manns Jr.,

Union Township, $115,000.


Carla Jean Wilson, et al, to Ryan and Kimiliee Wilson, Mason and

Windsor townships, $14,000.


Larry Avery to Doyle Jiles, Upper Township, $1,000.


Gregory Callicoat and Jaclyn Callicoat

to Jesse Wroten, Windsor

Township, $100,000.


Gregory Callicoat and Jaclyn Callicoat

to Jesse Wroten, Windsor

Township, $6,700.


Ann Hamilton and William Hamilton to Francis and Bernadette Kinney,

city of Ironton, $32,000.


Teresa Pemberton Boggs to Ronald and Patricia Roberts, Perry Township,



Dennis and Daphne Ball to Nicholas and Natalie Erlenwein, city of

Ironton, $90,000.


Jerry David Leep to Erica Dillon, Rome Township, $80,000.



G.E. Retail Sales Finance vs. Joseph A. Cox, $11,802.81 plus interest,costs and other relief.


Consumer Portfolio Services vs. Shaun

Cade, et al,$10,146.94 plus

interest, costs and other relief.


Beneficial Ohio vs. Peterjohn Leighty, et al, foreclosure.

News of Record 05/12/08

Lawsuits filed

—Countrywide Home Loans Inc., vs. Francis Accidentale, Jr., foreclosure.

—U.S. Bank vs. Faith Hardesty, foreclosure.

—City National Bank vs. Melissa Spitzer, $24,366.26 plus interest, costs and other relief.

—HSBC Mortgage Services vs, Anita Perkey, foreclosure.

—Gennie Morris and Dale Morris vs, Jill hayes and Allstate Insurance, plaintiff seeks an amount in excess of $25000 for injuries sustained in auto accident.

—Capital One vs. Holly Wilson,$938.32 plus interest, costs and other relief.


—John Edward Waginger and Jeanette Lynn Waginger.


—Christopher S. Smith and Kathleen Smith.

—Leah Nicole Layman and Donald Brad Layman.

—Kayla S. Primm and Christopher W. Primm.

Marriage licenses

—Terrence David Lewis, 36 abd Rebecca Lee Ann Davis, 33, both of Lawrence County.

—Ronald L. Kirk, 56, of Cabell County,W.Va., and Geraldine R. Bailey, 60, of Lawrence County.

—William Nelson Porter, 59, and Mary Catherine Smith,51, both of Wayne County, W.Va.

—Stephen Alan Moore, 23 and Sarah Beth Williams, 22, both of Lawrence County.

—Michael Edmond Allen Jr., 29, and Deetria Marie Valle, 25, both of Lawrence County.

—Dustin Ashley Moore, 35 and Kimberly Ann Maxey, 32, both of Lawrence County.

—Kyle Lloyd Patton, 26, and Jennifer Sue Ellingsworth, 23, both of Lawrence County.

—Shaun Michael Whitt, 29, and Michele Jeanine McKenzie, 30, both of Lawrence County.

—Johnny Marion Hughes, Jr., 45, of Greenup County, Ky., and Rachel Ann Fraley 31, of Lawrence County.

Property transfers

—Carl Douglas and Lynn Marie Hopper to Chrstopher Hopper, Hamilton Township, $19,000.

—Preston Development to Robert and Brenda Lewis, Upper Township, $10,000.

—Kevin and Rachel Hankins to Rhonda Saenz, Union Township, $82,500.

—Aaron and Sarah Cloptin to Christopher and Rebecca Yenchuk, Union Township, $225,000.

—Tonya Wood and Cheryl Keller to Douglas Curry and Mary Ann Curry, Rome Township, $20,000.

—Patty Earl to David and Tonya Bryant, Union Township, $18,000.

—Estate of Thelma Irene Lane to Robin Bailey, Upper Township, $82,500.

—Jared and Kelley Redmond to William tackett and Loretta Holtzapfel, Lawrence Township, $95,000.

—Andrew Tackett to Willa and Harold Maynard, Fayette Township, $8,150.

—James Delawder to Federal National Mortgage Association, city of Ironton, $55,000.

—Peggy Baker to Samuel Cramblit, city of Ironton, $2,000.

—Boyd Blake to Bank of New York, village of South Point, $40,500.

—Donald Brett Guy and Rhonda Guy to Lawrence Economic Development Corporation, city of Ironton,$235,000.

—The bank of New York to Jessica Skaggs, Union Township, $44,000.

—Washington Mutual Bank to David Boles, Upper and Perry townships, $80,000.

—Opal Montroso and Nancy VanHoose to Justin A. Eaches, Perry Township, $98,000.

—Lawanna Spurlock to Wallace and Victoria Bryant, Windsor Township, $30,000.

—Sheila pauley to Ralph Litteral, Perry Township, $5,500.

—Jackie Marcum, et al, to Angela Sisler, Upper Township, $1,800.

—David Harries and Kelli Harries to Jonathan Duvall, Fayette Township, $130,000.

—McSweeney Mill and Mine Service to Big G. Inc., city of Ironton, $125,000.

—Sharon Buckley, et al to Patrick Pemberton, Rome Township, $31,000.

—John Stamper to James Stamper and Debra and Richard Stamper, Elizabeth Township, $95,000.

—Beneficial Ohio to Sandra Staton, Fayette Township, $83,000.

—Wallace and Victoria Bryant to Randall and Tonya Bryant, Windsor Township, $15,000.

—Michael Staton to Joseph Speaks, et al, Upper Township, $285,000.

—Gladys Gillespie and Oakley Gillespie to Gary Phillips, Decatur Township, $2,000.

—Bruner Land Company to Mark and Denise Duncan, Washington Township, $17,400.

—David and Lorinda Abrams to Gary and Trina Sowards, village of Coal Grove, $8,100.

—Howard Spurlock and Lawanna Spurlock to Larry Callicoat and Elizabeth Keville, Windsor Township, $14,067.

—Leslie Day to Jack Day, Union Township, $10,000.