County should try collecting out-of-state taxes

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 4, 2008

On the 10th of June the county commissioners and other office holders will meet to discuss who has what from each others prospective budgets. Cut, cut, cut, that’s all the county commissioners and treasurers office can come up with,not a single proposal on how to generate more money.

Now some people are going to call me crazy(or far worse) for my idea of raising more money for the county.

I say we need a county payroll tax.

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Now before you decide to lynch me, let me explain. I already pay a payroll tax,the only problem that I have is that the money doesn’t go to Lawrence County. You see, I have the pleasure of paying the Ashland Occupational (Extortion) Fee,of which I have no say in how or where that money gets spent.

Back in my old neck of the woods we used to call that “taxation without representation.” I would gladly pay that money to Lawrence County if I could.

I call on the Lawrence County Commissioners to pass a law that any county resident that pays a payroll tax, license fee or whatever else you can call it to another county or state, that money will be diverted to Lawrence County.

For those that do not pay any type of tax or fee, they will still not have to pay any.

Even though I work in Kentucky, my state taxes goes to the State of Ohio,why can’t my payroll taxes go to Lawrence County?

Gerard E Lambert

South Point