Praise was no motivation for Portsmouth Rock

Published 12:00 am Thursday, June 5, 2008

This past Monday’s Ironton Tribune contained an Associated Press story regarding the Portsmouth Indian’s Head Rock — an eight ton boulder recovered from the Ohio River last September.

The individuals who played a role in the rock’s recovery were motivated by the desire to give back to the public a lost, nearly forgotten, and endangered piece of local history.

Monday’s article, much to my surprise, stated, “Shaffer says he deserves praise for saving the rock.”

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For those readers who don’t know me, this was certainly something I did not say to the AP reporter, nor to any other media. The reporter’s or editor’s confusion may have resulted from statements made by Portsmouth Mayor James Kalb or State Rep. Todd Book.

In any event, I’ve contacted the AP and requested a correction.

I’d like to stress what should be the real focus of this often misunderstood monolith.

It’s not about divers, politicians, or other personalities involved. It’s about our responsibility to preserve and present history for future generations.

Steve Shaffer