National leaders have lost sight of God#8217;s place

Published 12:00 am Friday, June 6, 2008

Fellow Christians, this past week I listened in disgust to a prominent radio talk show host talk about a young lady in a distinguished American college.

Her professor informed her that her 3.9 grade point average would be jeopardized if she would not write down the fact that God could not exist.

Rome fell flat on its posterior after hundreds of years of total domination. The government leaders turned their heads on God when crucifying Jesus.

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The all powerful USA, a leader of the world, is currently on its knees and we set back and ask why?

A country founded on Godly principals just as Rome, we currently have turned our back on the God we were formed for. Television and the computer were intended to be modern technological miracles.

Now satan is predominant in the promoting of filth over the screen or Internet. Our children are allowed access to an education beyond one’s wildest dreams in all segments of sin.

Russia, once a world power with ruthless leaders, fell to its knees and is currently rising back to a world power.

Our country, our leaders, on all sides of the political spectrum no longer have God’s interest in their decisions. As we noted before, one woman was responsible for the removal of prayer in our tax-paid schools while from the president to Congress all were, and are, irresponsible for their lack of backbone to keep God in his proper place.

As a recession rests at America’s doorstep and evil controls our nation with current presidential contenders attempting to outlie one another just to gain power, there is no power but one.

The great Titanic was built and promoted as unsinkable. We all know her fate.

The USA was the modern day Titanic and the entire world saw her as the super power of all time, unsinkable.

Because of her ungodly ways, she is sinking as her leaders have lost sight. May God have sincere pity.