God#8217;s will leaves no room for prejudice

Published 12:00 am Monday, June 9, 2008

The past seems a breath away. Pictures on the screen, news clips from a time when social injustice was acceptable in America.

I hear remarks even today, racial slurs, so harsh to my sensibilities that it makes me wonder if America will ever evolve upward toward unity.

“Liberty and justice for all” means just as it implies. “All men are created equal” could not paint a closer picture of how it should be.

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These ideals seem to pale in comparison to the passed down fears and hatreds we hear repeated in America’s living rooms. A lie, even repeated a million times, can never been the truth.

“Jesus loves me” is what we are taught as children. Little children see no race or sexual divisions, they embrace each other in the joy of childhood. Race is, simply put, the human body’s necessity for differing geographic climate conditions. Race is the adaptation in genetics, skin deep. Are we mere creatures of flesh and blood, or do we all possess within us the spirit of our Creator?

The mythology of an inferior or superior race should sound as nonsensical as saying a white cat is superior to a black one, or a red flower superior to a yellow one. If we truly believe God made us all, then logically we should believe we all were made equal.

Prejudice is a man-made notion, people choose to hold onto its ugliness. Prejudice has no place in either logical thinking, nor spiritual wholeness.

There are no divisions between us, humanity is one family, the human race. The nation would be wise to examine its folklore and old wives tales.

We could put them behind us like we do our childhood fear of the dark. We could turn the light on, the true light, that burns everlasting in us all, the light of God’s will.


Kitts Hill