Ironton trio win TSJGC event

Published 12:00 am Friday, June 13, 2008

PORTSMOUTH — The scorching temperatures weren’t as hot as Nathan Kerns.

The Ironton golfer made his first appearance in the Tri-State Junior Golf Circuit this summer and fired a 69 to win the stop at the Shawnee Golf Course.

Kerns wasn’t the only member of the Ironton golf team to win. Andy Holtzapfel shot a 5-over 77 over 18 holes to win the first flight of the 13-15 age division.

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Josh Zornes, who will be a freshman on the Ironton team, shot a 79 and took first place in the second flight of the same division.

Other members of the Ironton team played.

In the 16-18 age group, Josh Cooke had a 92 in the second flight.

In the second flight of the 13-15 division, Josh Mullins had an 89 and Brandon Wallace a 95. Michael Carter carded a 105 in the third flight.

Tri-State Junior Golf Circuit

Shawnee Golf Course

16-18 Age Division

Par 72, 18 Holes

FIRST FLIGHT: Nathan Kens 69, Ryan Hines 70, Justin Dials 79, David Sager III 80, Josh Holmes 80, Korey Goad 81, Corey Lawhun 82, Noah O’Rourke 84.

SECOND FLIGHT: Andy Barrett 83, Cameron Wechsler 84, Nick Benner 84, Josh Cooke 92, Brett Buskey 92, Tyler Blankenship 99, Joe Freeman 101, Ryan Holbrook 101.

13-15 Age Division

FIRST FLIGHT: Andy Holtzapel 77, Nick Saunders 79, Eli Car 80, Chase Wheeler 85, Davey Freeman 86, Kelli Garrett 87, Jordan Reese 88, Casey Pennington 92, Adam Pollitt 94.

SECOND FLIGHT: Josh Zornes 79, Shawn Greene 84, Jordan Veach 86, Josh Mullins 89, Brandon Wallace 95, Webb Ballard 100, Cody Spriggs 105, Seth White 107.

THIRD FLIGHT: Johnny McKenzie 86, John Einreinhofer 95, Jonathon Lester 98, Seth Waggoner 104, Michael Carter 105, Jacob Barr 114, Joseph Dempsey 126, Dylan Bentley 138.

10-12 Age Division

Par 35, 9 Holes

Trey Gustin 48, Bobby Welch 50, Mitchell McFarland 51, Chris Heiner 51, Colton Brumfield 54, Dares Hamid 55, Joe Amburgey 57, Nichole Carper 59.

TSJGC Standings

Player of the Year

16-18 Age Division

David Sager III32.5

Nathan Kerns25

Corey Lawhun20

Ryan Hines20

Justin Dials15

Craig Jagers15

Charles Floyd10

Josh Holmes7.5

Corey Hamilton5

13-15 Age Division

Nick Saunders40

Andy Holtzapfel37.5

Kelli Garrett22.5

Josh Zornes17.5

Davey Freeman12.5

Eli Carr10

Chase Wheeler5

Shawn Greene5

10-12 Age Division

Chris Heiner32.5

Brent Morgan25

Trey Gustin25

Mitchell McFarland22.5

Bobby Welch20

Dares Hamid15

Nichole Carper5

Colten Brumfield5