Trip down memory lane can open eyes

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ah, the dog days of summer are upon us, grass is rearing its ugly head once again, and the time is quickly approaching for class reunion season.

A wise man once told me that on the occasion of one’s 10th reunion everyone is displaying pictures of the little darlings they have brought into this wonderful world.

On the 20th occasion, our classmates seemed to be consumed with just how successful they would like us to believe them to be.

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At the 30th, it appears surgical scars are compared prodigiously.

And as my 40th approaches, and the seemingly early phases of Alzheimer’s kicks in, it becomes fun to try and remember just who everyone is, or was.

I’ve talked to those who loathe these exercises in nostalgia and living in the past.

They turn up their already upturned noses, and say things like “I didn’t like her then and I don’t want to see her now.”

Be that as it may, I like the damn things.

I really enjoy seeing everyone I spent those formative hormone-induced years with.

I even host a gathering at my home for the event and enjoy every moment of it.

Or at least so far.

Hey, I still have a full head of hair, weigh 170 pounds, am relatively successful at what I do, have a beautiful family, so why wouldn’t I like it?

This year, however, it might appear different to some.

Butch is now on the Ironton City Council, so he won’t be the same whacky life of the party that he always was.

He has an image to maintain as an upstanding member of the community, and any unseemly behavior could damage that.

Well, here are the facts as best as I can state them.

Most who have known me for some time will tell you that I have shown my behind so many times that it keeps a permanent tan.

What other people think is really of no concern of mine.

No. 1, I’m not a politician, I’m just a guy who wanted to help our city get out of a very dire predicament.

And with the councils we’ve had, and the mayor we have now, I think we’ve done just that.

I do what I do because it is what I want to do, not because I am running for re-election.

So, what I do at my class reunion is going to be in the spirit of old friendships, fun, and the thought that we’re not going to be here forever.

One thing my buddy Kinky Friedman says is, “One day, we all step on a rainbow.”

I happen to think that is a beautiful way to put it.

And before I place the first size 11 on the edge of that rainbow, I want to see as many of my old and dear friends as possible.

So, if there are those of you who have that feeling that because I hold an esteemed political office, you won’t see the same old me you’ve known for years … don’t bet the ranch on it.

I still have that permanent tan, and am too shy to show it.

Fact is, we usually have more people come from out of town than locally.

Pardon my pigeon French, but that sucks.

Butch Huff is an Ironton city councilman.