Catlettsburg refinery recognized

Published 12:00 am Thursday, June 26, 2008

Staff Report

CATLETTSBURG, Ky. — The Marathon Refinery in Catlettsburg, Ky., has won the 2007 President’s Award for Responsible Care.

“The competition was intense, with all of our business units competing at their highest levels,” said Gary R. Heminger, President Marathon Petroleum Company, as he announced the winner “By raising funds for cancer research, the United Way, local schools and educational outreach programs, your community commitment has been inspirational. You reduced an already respectable OSHA recordable injury rate by 22 percent.”

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The Catlettsburg refinery major accomplishments for 2007 include:

The refinery also completed over 570,000 work hours during the Fall turnaround with zero OSHA recordable injuries.

Catlettsburg posted an all-time low OSHA recordable injury rate in 2007, with a 22 percent reduction in total injuries and no Marathon employee lost time injuries.

Another historical record low included an OSHA Recordable Rate

of 0.53 for employees and contractors combined.

Community activities included raising more than $10,000 to support breast cancer research; filling more than 100 backpacks for local school children; and coordinating the local United Way campaign, which raised $118,000.

The refinery received an award from the Kentucky Association for Environmental Education and was acknowledged by Kentucky’s Governor for excellence in environmental leadership.

Designated Environ-mental Incidents were at a historic low and waste generation was reduced by 3,672 tons.

Refinery Medical Team conducted 7,735 on-site physical visits and saved the lives of two contractors who were suffering heart attacks inside the refinery.

New Hire Training Program was created that provides an overview of ethics and integrity, followed by a review of the core values that underscore Marathon’s approach to business, including diversity, environmental issues, Process Safety management (PSM) elements and sampling and laboratory techniques that ensure product quality.

Diversity Team developed a standard for job shadowing and also surveyed local businesses to explore opportunities. More than 1,100 local eighth grade students attended a refinery-hosted Career Day that introduced them to the variety of careers available at the refinery.

Cross-functional team created a formal Pollution Prevention and Emission Reduction Strategies Program. This team identified 67 projects, 17 of them already completed in 2007 and the remainder scheduled and budgeted to be completed by 2012.

Veley’s Problem Solving Index, also known as vPSI, was implemented, making Catlettsburg the first downstream organization to deploy vPSI to date.

More than 200 refinery employees have been trained in this method. This has resulted in the generation of more effective corrective actions that address management system fixes on a refinery-wide scale.