Simple tools, some paint will save thousands

Published 12:00 am Thursday, June 26, 2008

According to the print media, the City of Ironton needs almost $100,000 to put angled parking in on South Fourth Street for one block between Park Avenue and Center Street and this could not begin until next year.

I have a suggestion. Someone should borrow a compass and a measuring stick or tape measure from either the city engineer’s office or the county engineer.

This loan would only take an hour or so. If neither of those offices have that equipment, I feel confident that either the math departments of Ironton High School or St. Joseph High School would loan them to the city for two hours over the summer while school is out.

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Someone could measure the width of the angled parking spots on Center Street between Third and Fifth streets as well as measure the angle from the curb. Those measurements could be marked on Fourth Street (both sides) and a gallon or two of paint could be applied appropriately by the city street department.

More than $94,000 of the requested $94,424 would be saved, the project would not have to wait a year to begin and a “parking problem” could be alleviated.

As an aside, unless there is a proper ordinance passed and enforced, the parking provided would not be there for in and out visits to the Courthouse, but rather be used by downtown employees.

W. Richard Walton