Trustees should hear concerns about Woodland

Published 12:00 am Sunday, June 29, 2008

Usually when you write a letter to the editor it is for one of two things — thanks or complaint.

Unfortunately mine is of the complaint nature.

I had occasion to visit Ironton and the Woodland Cemetery Thursday.

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As my mom and I drove up by our family graves, I was appalled at the way it looked.

The cemetery was always known for its beauty, but today grass was overgrown everywhere on every plot.

When I contacted a Woodland trustee and asked him why the grass was not being cut, he was short and to the point with me saying that it was being cut and they had been busy cutting trees.

When the previous caretakers were there, grass was cut virtually every day and the cemetery was well maintained. Is this a lack of the caretaker being responsible or the lack of the Board working to help the new caretaker get the tools and manpower to get the job accomplished?

Either way, the splendor is not what it once was.

I hope that others feel the way I do about the cemetery and how it should look. I encourage you to notify the cemetery trustees of your concerns now, before another of Ironton’s landmarks suffer irreparable harm.

Jesse R. Roberts