Tanks Stadium should have natural surface

Published 12:00 am Monday, July 14, 2008

Congratulations to all the volunteers working hard to maintain Tanks Memorial Stadium.

Me and many family members graduated from Ironton High School. For more than a century, area fans have attended football games with delight on Friday nights. The former home on the once prominent NFL Ironton Tanks, this southern Ohio tradition has served us so well as in-climate weather was never a problem.

We all appreciate the upkeep of our historical home to proud supportive fans. Change is nice and expected even though the creaky seats still sufficed the need.

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Football on a grass field is just nature. Players with grass stains and mud are just part of the game.

Our field with the care of coaches and grounds keepers is picturesque. Please leave part of our heritage intact.

One million dollars for plastic turf to replace a God-given sea of green is almost a sin.

Artificial turf is harder and more prone to leg and other injuries. We are not Columbus or Cincinnati.

We are southern Ohio’s proudest small town football tradition. Please do not take it all away.

Please keep the natural grass and invest the million dollars for our athletes’ well-being.

C. Duke Sheridan