State Little League tournament begins

Published 12:00 am Saturday, July 19, 2008

SOUTH POINT — Rick Dillon stood under the canvas tent ready to sell state tournament T-shirts.

“It’s going to be hot, but that’s okay as long as it doesn’t rain,” said Dillon, president of the South Point Little League.

Dillon and tournament director Ronnie “Chip” Kearns both let out a sign of relief as the Ohio state Little League tournament got underway Saturday at the South Point Little League.

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“It was a lot of work, but this is the fun part, standing around watching games,” said Kearns. “It makes it all worth it.”

Preparations began in January and Dillon said there wasn’t any grass on the field as of March 1. But thanks to hundreds of hours of work by volunteers, the tournament began without a hitch.

“It’s been worth it,” said Dillon.

The SPLL duo have shared tournament duties.

“I work midnights so I come down during the day and take over for Chip. We work in shifts,” said Dillon.

The day started with a presentation by Dillon to retiring Glen Seagraves. The ceremonies were held on Scottie Seagraves Memorial Field, named for Seagraves’ grandson.

Seagraves has spent 35 years in the little league as a coach, league president, District 11 administrator, and a member of the Regional and National Little League board of directors.

“I have one more week,” said Seagraves with a grin. “I’ll still be around. I’ll still come to the games.”

Dillon said it was a fitting finish to Seagraves’ career of volunteer service.

“He wanted to finish it out here. His legacy started here,” said Dillon. “Sometimes people got mad at him, but he does everything for the kids. If it didn’t benefit the kids, he didn’t do it.”