Leaders need marketing tools

Published 12:00 am Monday, July 21, 2008

As area economic development officials continue to promote the region, businesses are starting to take a look at southern Ohio.

Maybe it is time that county leaders compile a comprehensive marketing package that will help sell all of Lawrence County to prospective businesses.

South Point leaders had good reason to celebrate last week with the announcement of another new business set to locate in The Point industrial park.

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Mercier’s, Inc., headquartered in Maryland, is a 175-employee vegetation control operation that maintains the rights of way for railroads, contains storm water for state highways and clears overhead lines for electric and gas companies.

It expects to make a half-million investment on a 4.75-acre site at The Point with the prospect of eventually bringing on 100 to 150 employees.

Progress at The Point continues to be made. In Ironton, leaders are moving toward getting more tenants in the South Ironton Industrial Park. And across the county smaller developments are popping up.

Maybe now is the perfect time for county economic development leaders and elected officials to come together and create a comprehensive marketing package that showcase our communities and why this is the perfect place for business and industry.

As far as we know, nothing like this exists.

This marketing kit should include a detailed listing of buildings and property from each and every community in our county.

It should also outline all the services provided in that area and the benefits for locating in that region.

This kit should also promote the quality of life attractions for each of these communities in great details.

Lawrence County has great schools, hardworking people, a solid infrastructure base and many other things that make it marketable.

Now we just have to make it easy prospective businesses to come here.