Packers must answer key question

Published 12:00 am Monday, July 21, 2008

Training camps are coming to the NFL. However, the question on everyone’s lips, “Is Brett Favre coming, too?”

The “I’m retired, no I’m not, yes I am” indecision by Favre on his retirement has the Green Bay Packers wondering what to do. They pressed Favre over and over about not retiring, but he was adamant.

And after the Packers had to make a decision at the NFL draft to move on, Favre recanted his decision and said he wanted to play again.

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The Packers want to move on and have told Favre he can come to camp as the backup quarterback. Favre wants to be the starter or be released to take his game somewhere else.

The decision comes as no surprise. Favre is a gunslinger on the football field. He improvises on the run and comes up with a lot of amazing plays. He also comes up with some crucial interceptions.

Regardless of the number of quarterbacks in camp, no matter how much practice time former backup Aaron Rodgers has had in the wake of Favre’s alleged retirement in preparation to be the starter, nor even the $12 million salary Favre will take from the Packers’ vault if he plays, Green Bay can settle the whole thing by answering one simple question.

Who will give them the best chance of winning the Super Bowl?

The Packers came within an eyelash of winning the NFC last year, losing in the freezing cold to the eventual Super Bowl champion New York Giants. And they did it with Favre at the helm.

If the Packers can honestly say Rodgers can match or even surpass Favre’s ability and leadership to get the team to the promise land, then move on. Eventually, you will have no choice.

But if you don’t have to move on now and Favre is your best chance, then it’s a no brainer.

The fans in Green Bay are demonstrating their desire to have Favre back on the field. Fans often think with their hearts rather than their heads. Although their reasoning may not be the best thought process, they may very well be right.

This isn’t 74-year-old Bart Starr asking for a place on the roster. This is Brett Favre, less than seven months removed from the NFC title game.

The Packers don’t have to decide if Starr or Favre is the greatest quarterback in team history, just who is their best quarterback right now.

-- Sinatra --

Jim Walker is sports editor of The Ironton Tribune.