More dogs removed in animal abuse case

Published 12:00 am Saturday, July 26, 2008

Some motorists on North Fifth Street slowed their speed as they drove past the house at 847 Friday afternoon, wondering why the dog warden’s truck, the Ironton Municipal Court Community Service truck and an Ironton police cruiser were there.

One of the workers mused that passersby might have thought it was a drug bust. It wasn’t. It could have been described though as a dog bust.

Ironton officials removed three more dogs from the residence of two people who have been charged with

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cruelty to animals.

Those two people, Eugenia Lee Davis and Wilford Snow, were scheduled to appear in Ironton Municipal Court Thursday for arraignment.

Davis did show up and Derick Fisher was appointed as her attorney. She must return for a preliminary hearing Aug. 7. Snow did not show up and Judge O. Clark Collins issued a bench warrant for Snow’s arrest.

Ironton Dog Warden George Wilson, aided by two employees and two volunteers from Ironton Municipal Court and an Ironton police officer, rescued three adult Great Dane-type dogs from the house Friday afternoon.

“Those dogs should weigh 125 pounds,” Wilson said. He guessed they each only weighed 65 or 70 pounds.

He said he did not know what would happen to the dogs.

At this point, they are aggressive. He does not know if they can be placed for adoption. He hopes Davis will allow him to rescue more dogs from the residence in the very near future. Wilson said someone told him last week Davis and Snow had as many as 35 dogs in the residence. He said he heard some of the dogs have since been given away. In addition to the three dogs collected Friday, three other dogs were rescued earlier this week. Wilson said two of those dogs have been euthanized.

If the condition of the dogs was not enough to stop the workers in their tracks, the condition of the house’s interior probably did. The smell of dog feces and general filth was apparent to people standing on the sidewalk 15 feet from the front door Friday.

“That is the nastiest house I’ve ever been in,” Ironton Municipal Court Probation Officer Robert Van Keuren said. “I saw at least two big dogs and two or three little dogs and a whole slew of cats. We had to step over cats to get to the dogs.”

Wilson agreed.

“I’m sick at my stomach,” he said.

Paul Dresher, acting city health commissioner also went to the house but declined to comment at this time on what he said was an ongoing investigation.