Obama will protect 2nd Amendment

Published 9:33 pm Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I was born and raised here in Lawrence County. I have hunted since I was eight years old, when I received a .20-gauge 22 over and under for Christmas 1963. I was taught the correct way to safely handle firearms by my father, a true sportsman, God rest his soul.

My 2nd Amendment right is very important to me and I believe as president, Sen. Barrack Obama will preserve this right for all U.S. citizens. Sen. Obama believes that the constitution conveys an individual right to bear arms, not just a right of militias as some have argued. He respects the right of lawful gun owners to hunt, target shoot and use guns to protect their families.

Sen. Obama recognizes that American hunters are losing access to places to hunt. He will provide incentives to farmers and ranchers who voluntarily open their land to hunting, fishing and other wildlife-related activities. The senator is also committed to protecting wildlife habitat.

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Sen. Obama’s words and his actions are clear, he will protect your gun rights,

He supports the individual right to bear arms, and he will stand against the confiscation of legally acquired firearms.

Jeff Pemberton

South Point