Super Quik too close to school for liquor license

Published 11:43 am Friday, September 12, 2008

Your recent editorial regarding a liquor license in Coal Grove was written without research.

Especially your statement “economics was the issue, not morals, that should be considered.”

I don’t know about all locations for this issue, but I do know the one in Coal Grove. The location would contradict Ohio laws, which states no license permit could or would be granted for any business located within 500 feet of a school property line.

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If Clark’s Super Quik is more than 20 feet from our junior high school property line I would be very surprised. Also, there is an opening in their fencing on the back lot, between it and the school, which allow easy access to and by our school children.

As far as this issue improving the economics of the county, where is your evidence? Our neighboring communities don’t seem to have prospered by having establishments selling alcohol on every corner. Evidently this prosperity cannot be seen by wide-open eyes.

If a person wishes to purchase alcohol, there are plenty of businesses in the area offering this service. But some still travel to Kentucky and Huntington to purchase the products.

Wonder why?