Chesapeake Octoberfest set for Oct. 11-12

Published 1:20 pm Wednesday, September 17, 2008

CHESAPEAKE — When the leaves start to turn and the air gets that crisp, cool autumn feel, it’s Mother Nature’s signal that Octoberfests are just around the corner.

One of those local events that is always anticipated is the Octoberfest in Chesapeake.

For about a decade, this event is time for those in Chesapeake and around the area to get together for a day. This year’s Octoberfest is set for the second Saturday in the month, Oct. 11.

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From its inception, Octoberfest was designed for families.

“Right now, there is not in any villages or small cities really a lot of activities that whole families can do,” Pam Hollar, one of this year’s organizers, said. “This is to be something where they can mingle with the community. It goes back to the old meetings after church on Sundays. We will have hay bales and they can sit and catch up on things.”

One of the first events scheduled will be the Boy Scouts raising the American flag at the triangle. Then there will be a 5-K run starting at 8:30 and a 1.5 mile Wellness Walk in the village. Participants can bring a food item for the food bank at the Chesapeake Community Center.

One of the highlights is the parade that starts at the Fifth Street Bridge and goes all through the village.

“Last year, it took 30 minutes for the parade to pass you,” Hollar said.

It will be lead by the Chesapeake High School Marching Band and the Chesapeake-Union Township Volunteer Fire Department. Other area fire departments have also been invited to join in.

“This year we are not sure. Where gas prices are so much higher, we may not have as many participants,” Hollar said.

There will also be craft booths and vendors for food like the festival staple, funnel cake.

“There a guy who makes pinto beans in a huge skillet that is like the size of a table,” she said.

Live entertainment will be geared to gospel music performances.

“Gospel seems to work better in the community,” Hollar said. “It’s like a little carnival. When you get up, there is something to plan for with the kids, for a family to do on Saturday together.”