Meetings need to be online

Published 11:11 am Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Nowadays, many area school districts should be commended for adding the minutes of their school board meetings to their school Web sites.

Many districts provide that information via the Web, but some schools and other government entities do not.

What should be increasingly obvious to the public and public bodies is that the technology that is in existence today means a higher level of transparency should exist. The Internet provides a medium that gives citizens easy access to information they are entitled to.

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Every government body or agency should provide the minutes of their public meetings online. Those documents have to be made accessible anyway, so the simple transfer to a Web site is neither a burden nor a costly effort.

And what is a basic task for those entities could serve citizens who are unable to attend meetings for any number of reasons.

An informed public makes for better government. That goes for schools, legislative bodies or agencies and it is their responsibility to take every reasonable measure to make information about them and their decisions accessible to those they serve.

There are no legal obligations for these bodies to post information online, but that should be explored by the Ohio Legislature. But until that day comes, those entities that provide that information should be applauded for their efforts.

Those that do not should follow those taking the lead and take the necessary measures to provide that important information to the public.

The Internet has made the flow of information much faster and more convenient. And that should certainly be the case when it comes to government entities that play vital roles in the quality of life for citizens.