South Point wants to limit Valley’s possessions

Published 12:05 pm Thursday, September 18, 2008

Any good authority figures knows you have to set limits.

South Point Pointers head football coach Doug Shilot is aware of setting limits and he wants to set limits Friday for his team when they host the Lucasville Valley Indians.

Since Lucasville likes to mix its offensive up between the run and pass to play keep away with opponents, Shilot wants to turn the tables.

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“We have to take care of the football and try to limit their opportunities on offense. If we do that, we’ll have a chance to compete,” said Shilot.

The Pointers (1-3) managed to outscore Point Pleasant, W.Va., 34-26 last week despite losing three fumbles.

“Usually when you turn the ball over three times, you get beat. We were fortunate,” said Shilot.

South Point hasn’t been fortunate in its games against Wheelersburg and Portsmouth. The Pointers had a chance to win in each game only to lose 28-20 to Wheelersburg and 28-15 to Portsmouth.

“Could’ve, should’ve, would’ve,” said Shilot. “It the ball bounces one way or the other or we don’t have so many missed assignments, maybe we win. But that’s the way the game goes. You can’t make mistakes.”

Lucaville Valley (3-1) is used to playing teams from the Ohio Valley Conference.

So far, Lucasville Valley has beaten Rock Hill 46-13 and Chesapeake 9-0, but has lost 31-8 to Coal Grove.

Quarterback Zach Utley ran for 72 yards against Rock Hill and threw for 117 on 9-of-13 passing. Evans ran for 100 yards.

Evans had 71 yards and Utley was 8-of-15 for 84 yards in the tough win over Chesapeake.

Coal Grove controlled the ball for 30 of the 48 minutes.

“Evans is pretty tough. He’s quick and fast and he can run with some power,” said Shilot. “They’re pretty good. They’re running a multiple offense. They try to put themselves in position to score.

“(Lucasville) moved the ball well. They’re kids run hard. The quarterback has a nice touch on the ball.”