Ironton HS class of 1962 was a cast of characters

Published 5:02 pm Friday, September 19, 2008

The Ironton High School class of 1961-62 included mixed chorus organists Rita Davidson, Regina Collins, and Martha Cardwell. The senior class officers were Bill Rosebrough, Nancy Merrill, Helen Frecka and Larry Hall. Junior officers were Brian Allen, Jeff Bowman, Jonda Bucklew and Rosemary Shafer.

Sophomore officers were Phillip Nunnaly, Nadine Lambert, Sue Bridges and versatile athlete Carlene Triplett. Freshman officers were attorney Mack Anderson, good-natured cheerleader Jane Ann Strayer, Linda Massie — Gary, Larry and Lana’s sister, and attorney Luther Washington of the glass company Washingtons.

Visitors to Beechwood Stadium sat on six rows of bleachers that stretched from thirty yard line to thirty yard line. The Tigers dressed in the field house and stormed onto the field from the south end zone. They beat Hillsboro, South Point, Chillicothe, Ashland, Dayton Meadowdale, Paint Valley and Portsmouth, but lost to Gallipolis, Lancaster and Columbus Watterson. Guards were state government insider Jim Hazelbaker, Ed Hartwig, Bob Casey and Danny Roy. Tackles included Butch Whitehead, Jim Johnston, and Larry Noble — who gave his life for our country in Viet Nam. Ends included Lawco Lake Ted Murphy, Bill Saunders, golfer Lon Fraley and soph Coy Bacon — the team’s Most Valuable Player and future NFL All-Pro. Soph Don Bester was the fullback. Halfbacks included financier Gib Gildea, Larry Frische, Nugget Smith and Prosecutor Jim Collier. Buddy Belville was the quarterback and Jeff Haynes the center.

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Cheerleaders included Madoline McMillan, JoAnn Sloan, Homecoming Queen Susan Haney, legal secretary Linda Harlacher, Joanie Baker, and llifeguard Mary Sue Leach. The basketball team, led by Charlie Rawlins and Bill Rosebrough, beat defending state champs Portsmouth, 86 – 57; Bacon, Saunders, Belville, Smith and Roger Marting also played.

This class wrote some interesting wills: Karen Fritz, Kenny’s older sister, willed her seat in mixed chorus and her singing ability to Beth Corn; both of them sang at Pine Street Methodist Church. Gib Gildea willed his “Sam Huff” faceguard to Butch Whitehead with “the hope that it helps Butch more than it helped me.” John Gillenwater willed his hurdling ability to young Harry Brown, who was a pretty good hurdler until he bought a motorcycle. Ida Mayo willed her desk and book in “Problems of Democracy” to Lloyd Holley. Larry Hall willed Jim Collier his coordination and fast car. Connie Justice willed “my astounding ability to dive off the high dive at Sta-Tan without getting my hair wet” to Patty Lyons and Jenny Huey.

Some of their classmates were veterinarian Mary Toothman, businessman Tracy Brammer, preacher Charlie Lane, teacher Larry Lowe, accountant Gary Rambacher, Toni Sessis of the restaurant family, and Terry McCown of the legal family.