OUS program still shining

Published 11:00 am Friday, September 26, 2008

The mark of a good college program is how well it can train students to be prepared when they enter the work force.

The work of Ohio University’s electronic media department can be seen throughout the Tri-State in various forms.

There is no question that it has and continues to make a name for itself.

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Another step in the program’s success story came Wednesday when it unveiled its new mobile production lab.

Brad Bear, the special project producer, said the production lab will help students spend less time setting up, learn equipment through hands-on experience and give them the training needed to enter the professional world.

“Before, we were dragging the equipment out by hand and setting it up in a box trailer. It would take hours,” Bear said. “Everything we have to offer students in terms of the facility, is modeled after what they will work with in the field and it takes out the transitional shock by emulating what they will be working with.”

Certainly one of the practical challenges for colleges and universities is replicating the actual working environments to which their students will be exposed. Young employees will still have to “learn the ropes” in any field, but being able to hit the ground running gives students an advantage.

The electronic media department at OUS is doing just that. And Wednesday’s announcement is further proof of the quality of the program and OUS’ commitment to making it even better.