Have you been scene? If not, now is the time

Published 8:49 pm Saturday, September 27, 2008

Have you been “Scene” yet? (And no I didn’t spell it wrong).

You will have to check out our new Web site dedicated to sharing photographs to find out.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, you will find an epic novel on www.tri-statescene.com, an online site built to showcase photographs from our communities.

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The free Web site is divided between “We’ve Scene” and “You’ve Scene.”

The “We’ve Scene” side features photographs taken by the Tribune staff. Often you will find many photos that never made the printed editions of the newspaper.

Right now, you can see a variety of pictures from Ohio University Southern’s recent Freedom Festival, a heated town hall meeting in South Point focused on the new schools, a Chesapeake recycling activity and a variety of other community events.

But we want to see more of you!

The “You’ve Scene” side is where we need your help.

We want you to share your photos with us. It may be your vacation at the beach. It may be your son or daughter participating in a school activity. It may be some social event you attended. Or just about anything else you can think of, as long as they are in good taste.

The process is pretty simple. You just visit the site, which you can find several links from www.irontontribune.com.

The first step is to create a user account. It could be the exact same as the one you created on the Tribune site.

Then under the “My Dashboard” in the top right hand corner, click on “My Galleries.” You will see three pre-made galleries that are waiting for you to upload images into.

It is easy to add more galleries or to rename the ones that are there.

Then just click on the “Upload Photo” link. If you use an older computer you may have to accept the certification of a java program or update java, but both are harmless for your computer.

You can then browse your computer to find the files or just drag-and-drop into the window.

Then click on the “Upload” button.

You can go in and click on the photos to add information about who, what, when and where.

That’s it! Sound confusing? It really isn’t. If you get lost, there is a handy “Help” link at the top of the page.

Don’t have any photos right now? Just look around and enjoy photos that others have posted.

You can even make comments on photographs, e-mail them to your friends or contact the person that posted the photograph.

When we added photo galleries to our old Tribune Web site, it quickly became among the most popular parts of the paper, in part because so many people embraced it and shared their photos with us.

We hope for that same success here.

So, either get “Scene” or share what you’ve “Scene.”