Leaders pale in comparison to predecessors

Published 10:55 am Wednesday, October 1, 2008

There is politics in the air again with the 2008 presidential election up for grabs. I notice in the paper and news that there is plenty to talk about with many issues at stake.

Three issues that remain at large are Wall Street’s fallout — or bail out — high gasoline prices and the removal of troops for the Iraq war.

Some of these issues are very important to some of us and some not so important. We as a nation cannot stay at the status quo and expect these issues to work themselves out.

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They will not work out without at least legislative help or help from the executive office. We have not had that kind of leadership since John F. Kennedy, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Harry Truman and Franklin Roosevelt to deal with these types of problems that our nation is now facing.

The conservatives blame the liberal media for all of this country’s problems and past practices of not being tough on our so-called enenmies overseas and problems with domestic policies.

But it seems the conservatives left out one attack. That is the attack on every single program or agency that Franklin Roosevelt’s four terms as president brought forward to help the American people out of a great depression, win a two-front war during World War II, closed banks for one day called “Bank Holiday” to help financial security, and he created Social Security.

For the past five decades ultra-conservatives have had an agenda and that is to destroy FDR’s policies.

Social Security is the main objective for the Republican Party to get their hands on it and destroy it and maybe they will all join hands after it’s done on an aircraft carrier and say, “Mission Accomplished.”

The hecklers and conservatives and the pullem’ up boot strap society have accomplished a many of their own agendas to do away with FDR’s accomplishments. Do not let them do away with America’s Greatest Generation’s achievements that define America.

We should want to be progressive and help a stronger America by trying to see that America can achieve its goals with world problems or domestic problems with a hand up, not hand out. And if that is being liberal, then I am proud to be a liberal.