Baptism of the Holy Spirit is for apostles

Published 10:55 am Friday, October 3, 2008

Following my water baptism on Aug. 25, 1963 – I was constantly running to or calling the preacher and inquiring about this and then about that. I am very grateful that he was patient with me. It is understandable how the Bible is misunderstood by many as they refuse to “Get Into It” on a regular basis. However, I would hope that this is not your situation. May I encourage you to be open minded and keep the Bible open daily and pray regularly for God to lead you into a proper understanding.

Concerning a recent question asked of me about the “Baptism Of The Holy Spirit,” I would encourage a person to keep in mind that it was only the apostles who were promised the “Baptism Of The Holy Spirit” and it was only the apostles who received the ability to perform miracles and those on whom they laid their hands – it will help to set a proper foundation. However, according to Acts 8, Philip — who had received the laying on of the apostles hands (Acts 6:1-6) could not pass on any miraculous gifts, as he was preaching & performing miracles in Acts 8:4-8.

It is seen in Acts 8:14-19 that when Peter & John, who were apostles, came to Philip that they (Apostles) laid hands on some of the converts, who had already been baptized & had received the ordinary gift of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:38), — now were blessed with the apostles laying hands on them to pass on to them some miraculous gift. It was then that this gifts was demonstrated (Acts 8:18).

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Thus, one must allow Scripture to explain Scripture. By the time the apostles were all dead, and those who had received the laying on of their hands were likewise dead, the Scriptures were now in circulation among the churches. In other words – the purpose of the miraculous gifts was to draw attention to God was now superseded by the Scriptures.

I did not have to hear someone “Speak In Tongues” or see one instantly healed, or one raised from the dead to become a believer. I received that from the Scriptures (Romans 10:17).

I do not claim to know it all, but I have conversed with many folk who claim miraculous gifts today and all that I have seen is false and inconsistent beliefs with the Scriptures. God is still alive and if he desires to work a miracle — so be it. This is His world and we must accept it. But, the Bible does warn against false teachers (Matt. 7:21-23; 24:24; II Thess. 2:9-12; II Peter 2:1; Rev. 13:13). Therefore, be careful of what you follow.

I in no way will say that God does not work miracles today, as this is His world and He can do whatever He chooses to do. However, I do contend that He does not work through individuals as He once did. God no longer creates humans from the earth as He did Adam. He now uses His “Law Of Reproduction”. I do not know of a single time when one has been healed from blindness as Jesus did, but the Medical Profession is fast to acknowledge that they have had numerous unexplained healings. Thus, God is normally given the credit.