Grace comes only through Christ

Published 10:42 am Friday, October 10, 2008

Sometimes the question is asked, “Why is it that I do what I often do, in the wrong sense – sin?”

To this – probably many responses have been made.

Some would contend that all actions of a person, pertaining to sin is the fault of another.

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Some would say, “A man is a womanizer because his father chased everything in a skirt.”

Another would say, “She cannot help being an alcoholic because it is in her genes from her parents as they were heavy drinkers. “

A fourth would be heard saying that the gay lifestyle being lived was forced upon him/her as they were born that way and cannot help themselves.

The Bible has a different answer to man’s sinful ways. Some are;

1) Jesus said a person must be “born again” (John 3:3-5).

2) The inspired preacher in Athens said a person must “repent” (turn from known sin) in Acts 17:30.

3) Paul said one needed to be transformed by the “renewing of the mind” (Roman 12:2).

Now when one, through the Gospel, is convicted of sin and realizes he needs to make a change for the good, it starts in the mind (renewing) and is evidenced by others when they see him/her begin talking different, living different, being baptized in water and becoming active in the Lord’s church.

However, may it be understood that the devil is still “after” one’s soul and will continue to tempt a person to “fall back” into the old ways. Therefore, the Christian must be renewed on a daily basis (II Cor. 4:16).

That is why God has given those under the New Covenant the fellowship of the church. That is, to assist one to grow stronger spiritually and to be better equipped to say “No” to Satan. The need for knowledge of the Scriptures (personal study, Sunday School, preaching, devotions, mid-week studies, seminars, clinics, retreats, etc.) is never completely fulfilled.

Thus, in order to exercise one’s free will properly a person must be led by the Holy Spirit, which is received at baptism (Acts 2:38) and yielded to on a daily basis (Eph. 4:22-24).

The big question is: Have we allowed our mind to be renewed? If not, why not? We need to do so before the day ends! The song is true, “The Savior Is Waiting”!

The Bible teaches that to avoid hell and gain heaven –one must:

1) Believe in Jesus as savior (Acts 16:31)

2) Repent of sins (Acts 17:30)

3) Confess Christ audibly (Acts 8:37)

4) Be baptized in water (Acts 2:38)

5) Live a Christian life (Acts 14:22)

6) Be active in the church (Acts 2:47)

There is nothing like seeing a person changed for the good. In my nearly seventy years of living here on God’s earth, breathing His air, eating His food, and being acquainted with a multitude of people, I have seen many people in life who have changed for the good. I have been privileged with being able to share the Gospel of Christ with many who have accepted it and became Christians. I have seen drunkards become men of sobriety, gamblers to cease their addiction, and have known men were womanizers to become faithful husbands and Godly parents. Then, there were outright bums who became responsible workers and providers for their families.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ can change people. That is why KYOWVA sends many Bible courses into prisons. At the present, we have incarcerated students in nine Ohio prisons. The Holy Spirit works on the hearts of mankind through the Word (The Bible). This is where conversions take place. It promotes that mankind must do something. That something is stated above as listed in the book of Acts.