Museum celebrated with cake, film

Published 2:03 pm Saturday, October 11, 2008

The birthday anniversary was a wonderful time with friends and members visiting the museum Oct. 5. A beautiful cake was made with the museum building shown on the top. This was made by Tammy Tipton. Other refreshments were served. A film was shown, dated 1988, which was the date of the starting of our museum. Many people worked hard to make the museum a success. Some are now passed on and moved away but many are still here. We were honored by having the mayor, council members, charter members and others with us.

Entertainment was produced by Jill Dean and her stringed orchestra. This was very enjoyable and we look forward to seeing them again in the Christmas season.

On Oct. 12 the museum will be closed for decorating for our Victorian Christmas. It will reopen Nov. 2. The Church Walk will be Dec. 6, and the annual meeting will be held Dec. 13. All members are invited to this meeting.

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Oops – a mistake was made. The Christmas Tea, that so many are looking forward to, will be held Nov. 22 at the Lawrence County Historical Museum.

While talking with attorney Harold Spears at the Museum birthday celebration, he was telling us about the “Century Club.” He suggested we call attention to this Club, which he would like to see increased in membership. He is currently the club president.

The “Century Club” started in 1882 in which were 22 to 24 attending.

Some of the members were: John Campbell, Col. Nigh, H.J. Richards, and Mr. McGugin. In 1901 charter members were Ella Culbertson (1901), Mrs. Col. Gray (1935), Ann Stewart, the Heiders, Mr. Mayers, the Allens, Jeffers, and Hopkins for a few.

They had two to five programs a year, meeting in private homes. The programs were for example: Joan of Arc, ghosts, school books, Shakespeare, pop music, etc. In 1896 they had garden parties, in 1900 – Valentine and Christmas parties. In 1950s, the meetings was changed from deserts to dinner meetings.

At this time the meetings were changed to once a month, changing from weekly. These meetings were formal and elaborate.

The club was called “century” because they took a century at a time to study. Later it was changed to news and current events.

If you are interested in joining this historical club, please contact attorney Harold Spears. This will be a wonderful revival of history.

Historical fact: The Memorial Hall building was gutted in 1905, however, rebuilt in 1908-1910. Remodeled some of the offices with the building; remodeled the basement for the Ironton Police Department; however, the main structure has not been changed.