Staff at group home made up of caring people

Published 9:55 am Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I am writing in regards to my son who was recently placed in the Dennis Boll Group and Shelter Home. He is a part of a very loving and involved family which goes to show that it can happen to anyone.

My recent involvement with the staff and director of the group home has prompted me to write on their behalf. I have been a single mother for most of my boys lives which left me to be the mother and father for the last several years, which I do not regret in the least.

My boys have both been a godsend but one is very different from the other. My younger son is very head strong and opinionated, which in most situations are good things but for a single mother it can be very difficult.

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I have tried to the best of my ability to raise him with the same firm hand as his brother, but have met some resistance which, to his surprise, landed him in the group home in Ironton. My recent conflict occurred with much sorrow but could have been quite a bit worse.

He was placed in the group home on Sept. 18 and from that moment our lives were turned upside down. I have to say, however, that the staff and director, Brett Looney, from the group home have been a true inspiration. From the very first day I was contacted I was reassured that he was fine, just a little overwhelmed considering the circumstances.

They encouraged me to call any time of the day or night, which I did quite frequently, in order to help me cope with the current situation. Each and every time I called, the staff was extremely supportive, caring and seemed to be genuinely concerned. They helped ease my mind each time I called.

I don’t think I could have made it through that time without their encouragement. I think sometimes we take for granted the services that are present because we don’t deal with it daily, but it is very comforting to know that we have people like those who work at the group home.

I for one would suggest getting involved with the young men and women of our future as well as giving a great big “Thank You!” to the men and women who help run the facility to take care of our troubled youth. I would like to see a new home built to house our future and would expect the same from each and every person in Lawrence County.

Even though it may not be your child or your family at this time it can change at the drop of a hat. It did for us. But thank God there are people at the group home who care and understand about our youth and their families.

So I would like to offer my help in any way possible to Brett and the staff at the group home. Please contact me if ever I can help repay the kindness you all have shown to me, my son, and my family.