Tigers a model of consistency

Published 10:30 am Thursday, October 16, 2008

For many Ohio high school football teams, making the playoffs is a difficult task that can never be taken for granted.

Ohio’s quality of high school football means making the playoffs is never an automatic and should not be taken for granted.

It’s certainly not taken for granted at Ironton High School and that is perhaps one of the reasons the Fighting Tigers make regular trips to the state’s postseason playoffs.

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Ironton is poised to make the Ohio playoffs for the 28th time in school history this season. It is important to point out that the playoffs were expanded several years ago and making the playoffs used to be a more difficult task than it is today.

But regardless, Ironton is a staple of Ohio football and a staple of its postseason.

Ironton’s number of playoff appearances ranks second in state history, behind only Newark Catholic.

Entering Friday’s game at Nelsonville-York, the Fighting Tigers are in position to secure a home playoff game. A loss could mean a road trip, but the postseason appears to be secure.

The stability of the Ironton football tradition did not happen overnight and sustains itself because of commitments from many different people.

From the coaching staff, to the players, to the boosters, to the parents and countless other contributors, the program is recognized for its quality and consistency.

Ironton is often described as a football town, but what that means is that the school district and the community make the commitment, financially and otherwise, to maintain what has been built.

As the Fighting Tigers close in on another playoff appearance, there should be an appreciation for the level of excellence that has remained a constant through the years.